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Please note - our performers will actively interact and engage with audience members, to invite audiences to draw closer (and build the atmosphere) and in some cases to participate in the performance! All performers do this with the best intentions and endeavour to remain respectful and understanding. They endeavour to be mindful of those for whom some levels of interaction or participation may be difficult or not possible, whether due to a hidden disability, neurodiversity or to feel safe. 

As an audience member, you are allowed to say no and you are allowed to walk away without feeling embarrassed! Just as much as you are allowed to say yes and leap at the chance of being involved! We are all individuals, and we are all celebrated for that individuality. So - you do you, and we'll try to make our event welcoming for all! 



Natasha McGee presents Felicity Footloose


Felicity footloose lives in the 80’s and just wants to dance!! Watch as she juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics to try and impress her hero Johny!! She’ll even go as far as to hang from her toes and juggle knives hanging upside down!!

Natasha learnt to juggle at the tender age of 10 using oranges from her mothers fruit bowl, and has worked in circus and theatre ever since.

She left school at 16 to do her first professional job as a juggler at Legoland. From then on she has been lucky enough to perform in a variety of different venues and shows – from circus (Big Fun, No Fit State community and Bassline Circus), cabaret (Shambala, Lapland), improvised theatre (Gonzo Moose), festivals (Glastonbury, Woodford, Linz) and much, much more!!

In 2008 Natasha went to Australia and created her solo street show ‘The Felicity Footloose Show’ with which she has delighted audiences all over the world ever since!!

Darryl J Carrington presents Out Of The Box

Darryl OOTB Sunny.jpg

Darryl J Carrington is on a mission to defy gravity and deliver a world class juggling show without a single drop. This is a laugh out loud comedy for all ages from the master of manipulation, blending elements of mime, puppetry, awesome trick shots and hilarious audience participation.

Award winning circus performer Darryl, has been performing for over fifteen years. Highlights include: The Batman Live Arena Shows, No Fit State Circus
and Glastonbury Festival. Drawing from personal experiences of neurodiversity, Darryl’s new solo show is a playful celebration of success
and failure and what it feels like to finally be Out of The Box.

Fraser Hooper presents It's A Knockout

Guaranteed giggles galore from internationally award winning funnyman Fraser Hooper. This hilarious show features a stunt duck, a human fish, eccentric dancing, and the silliest boxing match you have ever seen. So get a ringside seat for a belly aching knockout performance.

After a glittering career in menswear Fraser Hooper gave it all up to become a clown. Thirty years on his unique brand of award winning comedy has delighted thousands of audiences in over forty countries worldwide. With a nod to the great silent clowns he uses mime, audience participation, slapstick and eccentric dance in hilarious shows that delight all ages wherever he plays.

Billy Kidd presents the Billy Kidd Show 

Billy Kidd Promo Select.jpeg

Billy Kidd is a magician but do not be surprised if you see no top hats, rabbits or feather flowers. Her show is a mix of comedy and magic with hilarious audience participation. Paper might turn to money, objects might float, minds will be read, cards will be found, and her signature escape routine inspired by Houdini will hopefully be a success. Come watch magician Billy Kidd and try and catch her out. Otherwise let her fool you into a state of laughter.

Billy Kidd is a magician who has performed her show on streets, stages, and screens around the world. She was featured on ITV’s Game of Talents and The Next Great Magician series. She also hosted Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic series and has appeared on the BBC, Ch 5, CBC, CW, and SYFY Channels. Billy Kidd is one of the few female street magicians in the world. When she is not on the streets she runs Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre every week in Bath.

Hazel Anderson presents Able Mable

hat close up.jpg

Audiences can't help laughing along to Mabel’s mishaps. There’ll be miraculous disappearances and accidental reappearances. There’ll be costume malfunctions and sticky tape tangles. Mabel's talents in the ridiculous and her warm hearted playfulness shines throughout.

Loved by audiences across the globe, Hazel has travelled as far as China, Dubai and Australia to perform her show. She's performed at countless festivals in the UK and abroad. She's a national treasure!

Pete Anderson presents Unstable Acts


'Danger Comedian' and Juggler, Pete Anderson is one of Covent Garden's finest Street Performers, with a signature move that involves scaling a 10 ft freestanding ladder, backwards, in a kilt.


From Glastonbury Festival to the BBC and the QE2, he's spent 20 years making people laugh the world over.

"Upbeat and energetic and above all, entertaining" The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia)

"A kilted Gent" - The Guardian (UK)

Spikey Will presents Man of Danger!


Dangerous juggling, a two bed of nail finale and a whole lot of laughter!


Spikey Will, Man of Danger! is a man who has spent most of his adult life doing incredibly dangerous and stupid feats, to make the people gasp and the crowds roar.  A former professional stunt performer,  he has spent the last 20 years taking his Danger Show all over the world.  Whether it’s juggling meat cleavers, throwing an axe around , or being squished between two beds of nails, Spikey uses the international language of danger to put on a hell of a show.

Grace Billings presents A Day At The Beach

A Day At the Beach.jpeg

You’re in safe hands as this Aussie lifesaver protects you from the dangers of the Australian beach.


Absurd and funny, Ablazing Grace makes her audience feel at ease with her hula hooping “Safety Demonstration”. She saves lives and in turn has her own life saved by some newly recruited Live Savers after a dramatic turn of events! There will be acrobatic feats, magic, hula hooping and a whole lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy!


Curious Company presents
The Disco Litter Queens


With a simple plan to tidy up to a funky beat, the DLQs are fun, fabulous, and useful. They can’t help dancing while they work and invite participation. With classic disco moves and the best disco tunes, it is hard not to join in, and if you find yourself feeling better about picking up litter at the same time, then our work is done!

Amy Amelia presents
Magical Butterfly

Amy Amelia Butterfly 1.jpg

The joy of Spring is always in the air with The Magical Butterfly & her crystal balls. Watch as she effortlessly rolls the balls around her hand and body, as they appear to magically float like they have a mind of their own.

Feel Young Entertainment presents
Deep Sea Diver

Deep-sea Diver. Feel Young Entertainment 1.jpeg

From the days when sailing ships ruled the waves and sea exploration was only for the brave, this deep sea diver has a new challenge. Not fighting a giant octopus or to find the illusive city of Atlantis, but to help rid the oceans of plastic waste. As he walks the underwater street of Broadmead filling his rubbish net with discarded plastic, he inspires us to think about how we can reduce our own impact on the environment. Helping us make the mental connection to the waste we generate and the litter pollution seen in the oceans.

Circus Antics presents
The Hedgehogs

The Hedgehogs.jpg

These adorable hedgehogs Herbet and Harriet are delightfully huggable despite their spikes. They have come out of hibernation in search of food and making new friends for the summer! They are lovable and engaging to people of all ages and generate new thinking and action around how to increase the numbers  of our own native Hedgehog species in the UK. The costumes are made out of recycled materials and funded by WECA.

Joy Magnet presents

Roos 2a.jpg

Giant Kangaroos on bouncing stilts! Jumping 3ft off the ground and 6ft in a bound, they’re a phenomenal sight with their cheeky blend of outback macho and inner city punk savvy — always Roo’d but never

Offensive. Audiences of all ages love Roo’d. A great stilt act that really stands (or bounces) out in the

crowd with an ability to be cheeky, funny and cuddly all at the same time.

Dave Knox presents
Mr Bloom

Rustle in Bloom - no background 3_4.jpg

Mr Bloom embodies the sun-filled seasons with a smart green tweed suit and a gorgeous bouquet of blossoms, flowers, vines, bees and butterflies. A spirited, joyful orchestral soundtrack plays alongside this act creating magical moments of delight and smiles that blush the cheeks of all who see Mr Bloom bustle by.  

Cat & Mouse Theatre presents
Blockbuster Factory


Blockbuster Factory stars the great American Movie Director Martin Beilsperg and the great English Actor Charles Bexley Heath; together, with the help of Phil the AD, they are making Blockbuster Movies in this highly immersive walkabout show! You - the public - become the STARS and crew of Blockbuster movies starring action heroes, sporting heroes, space battles, superheroes, dragons, detectives, submarines and train crashes etc. etc. etc.

NB All film equipment, props and special fx are created with BANANAS. (Obviously)

Loz Because presents
Cloud Riders

190823 Cloud riders festival.png

Magical and surprising, two characters floating on a gliding cloud are guardians of nature, respectful and full of regal wonder for all they see around them. To the backdrop of hidden ethereal music the cloud riders delight and captivate people they meet with smooth, graceful movements - encouraging people to connect and work together to strengthen nature's power.

The Bad Eggs presents
The Sprats


The Sprats is a highly visual and interactive walkabout act. The Sprats are strapped into a motorised pushchair. They’re bolshy. They drive where they want. They say what they want. Their emotions run high… are they hysterically laughing or hysterically crying?  Will they quote Plato or burp the alphabet? They debate and they poo. They want to entertain you, like Robbie Williams, only a lot more petulant, and a bit less famous.

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