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Events & Masterclasses

Unit 15 Creation Space was set up as a professional training and events space by The Invisible Circus - with the circus and performing arts community in mind.  Since opening we have hosted a wide array of events and masterclasses from Aerial Rigging Fundamentals and Hair Hanging, to touring theatre and circus shows, and members scratch nights.

Find out more about regular and upcoming one-off events below...


Sophie Zoletnik & Lennart Paar - Some Other Moves

Some Other Moves - led by Sophie Zoletnik & Lennart Paar - from Budapest, Hungary


Time: 6 pm - 8.30 pm 

Duration 2 hours 30 mins each evening

Price: £ 50 per person for both nights.  

To book, contact:

What the workshop is

In this two part workshop we will teach you a hand to hand sequence that is based on one of our acts, which you can see here:

What people can expect

You can expect floaty, dynamic and a little unusual tricks and transitions that combine elements of partnering with hand to hand.

In the first part we will focus on the individual tricks, breaking them down and providing different levels of difficulty based on your experience. We will focus less on foundational techniques, but rather on finding ways for you to approach interesting tricks and adapting them to your level, or learning them safely.

In the second part you will put together a sequence combining the moves we taught the previous day and adding some more transitions and variations along the way.

What experience people need

Ideally you feel comfortable with standing F2H and H2H but it's not a requirement. More importantly you should be comfortable working with limited spotting

What they need to bring with them

Comfortable training clothes, a variation of long and short pants could be useful for some of the tricks.

If they can book as a solo person or must book with a partner

Best bring a partner that you are comfortable playing with, trios are also fine, but we'll be working with the same partners throughout.

A bit of background information about Sophie Zoletnik & Lennart Paar and their teaching practise.

Sophie Zoletnik and Lennart Paar, both acclaimed artists with unconventional paths into the performing arts, initiated their collaborative journey in 2016 by co-creating a captivating street theatre performance. With backgrounds not rooted in circus education—Sophie holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture, and Lennart in Computer Science—they have carved a unique niche for themselves within the performing arts. Their primary discipline, hand to hand acrobatics, was honed under the guidance of sports acrobat coach Yves van der Donkt, laying a solid foundation for their distinctive movement style. This style seamlessly blends dynamic partner acrobatics with fluid partnering moves, enriched by unexpected falls and rolls.

Their teaching style is based on what they love, playfulness and exploration. While they are based in Budapest, they have taught workshops across europe at acro and flowarts conventions to a diverse set of participants.

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The Circus Jumble Sale

Date: Sunday 25th February

Time: 10 am - 4.30 pm 

Free entry for buyers

 Seller Pitches:
£20 per pitch
£35 for a doub
le pitch
Each pitch is 4 x 2 metres
To book your pitch, email with a description of your wares

Click here to keep up to date and view the wonderful wares that'll be on offer

Roll up, roll up, for a day bursting with unique, strange and exciting trinkets & treasures!


From dazzling circus props and essential equipment, to one-of-a-kind costumes, vibrant fitness attire, fantastical festival wear, and homemade delights.


The Circus Jumble Sale at Unit 15 is your ticket to a world of wonders, with every stall promising surprises and delights.


Sunday Jam Sessions

Every Sunday 6 pm - 9 pm

NO SESSION Sunday 25th February 2024


£4 cash on arrival


Free Tea and Biccies. Bring your own mug!

(Optional donation goes towards heating)

*This is not a class.

There are no set teachers.

Its a place to meet people, practice and have a go.


Its open to one-and-all!

All props are very welcome so bring your poi, your juggling balls and whatever other toys you have!

*Apologies, no insurance for aerial arts!


Spread the word!!! Invite all the hoopers/jugglers/spinners.

All props/non props/everyone welcome!!


Plenty of space for hoopers, spinners, jugglers and anyone else that requires space.

There will be someone to meet you at the gate. 

If you arrive late please call the Bristol Circus Jam Hotline and someone will come and let you in, the number will be on a poster on the gate.

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