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The Invisible Circus


Formed in 1996 and based in the UK since 2002, the Invisible Circus draws much of its approach to creation and performance from its history as a troupe of travelling street performers delivering circus, art and theatre directly to communities across Europe, who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to interact with and enjoy the arts. Industrious, creative and drawing on the skills of hundreds of local artists, their work is ambitious in scale and accessible to a wide range of people.


The stories we tell often have a contemporary relevance and deal with real-life issues through allegory, play and performance.


The Invisible Circus wants to manifest a greater sense of community ownership and engagement, encourage people to be a part of the change, and challenge the status quo.

We believe it matters because the world is in crisis and at a critical tipping point in our history.


The Invisible Circus believes in:

Collaboration not competition.

Community not consumerism.

People not profits.

Free association and expression.

Freedom of movement.


The Invisible Circus has always been a transient , ever evolving organisation; since arriving in Bristol the company has transformed disused buildings into public art spaces both independently and alongside their sister company Artspace Lifespace (The Audi Garage, The Island, The Pro Cathedral, Ashton Court Mansion and more recently the former Marks and Spencer building in Broadmead). Their time in Unit 15 is the longest the company has spent anywhere!

It’s 10 years this year (2023) since we moved into this space! When we arrived into the empty yard and warehouse we had a vision of what it could become and it’s been an exciting and rewarding journey watching it grow to its full potential. So many good things have come out of what we’ve built here and as we contemplate the future we also look at where we’ve come from and who we’ve come with. Our community has been integral to this journey, and continues to be at the centre of what we do, and why we do it! 


The Invisible Circus Family includes:

Unit 15 Creation Space

Project 345 (affordable creative studios)

The Loco Klub

And our Sister company, Artspace Lifespace


For the latest from The Invisible Circus and information about our upcoming events and projects, please click here.

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