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The Invisible Circus

The Invisible Circus have built a community at Unit 15 Creation Space. Built by creative artists for the creative arts. The Invisible Circus family encompasses: The Invisible Circus, Unit 15 Creation Space and The Loco Klub.

Based in the UK since 2002, The Invisible Circus have 20 years experience creating site specific wonders, producing shows everywhere from: Regency Theatres, Circus Big Tops to Boomtown Fair and similar arts Festival. Spanning a breathtaking spectrum of themes, characters, performers, emotions, spectacles, stagecraft, storytelling threads and dreamscapes.

Our companies' ethos lies in its roots as a street performance troupe. Having spent the 1990s exploring Europe’s rich performance culture and embracing a rich tapestry of traditions, The Invisible Circus has grown up in arts festivals, street performances, carnivals and independent creation spaces.

This community emphasis has remained at the heart of the company. Drawing together a diverse range of artists, performers, actors, directors, dancers, film makers, choreographers, musicians, makers and technicians, the company thrives on dynamic creative energy - not to mention our Yardies who live on-site at Unit 15 Creation Space.

We created Unit 15 Creation Space to provide a professional circus training space in Bristol, and to double up as a live performance venue. At Unit 15 Creation Space we've hosted shows from Launch Pad Residency Alumni, Sofar Sounds, and even our own Ariel Rigging Seminars. We also have our sister company, The Loco Klub which is an arts venue that hosts: theatre, performance, live music and club nights.

Supporting creative arts is within the very fibre of our existence. To give back to the Circus community, we launch our Launch Pad Residency giving creatives access to our space and the opportunity to create groundbreaking art. 

For the latest from The Invisible Circus and information about our upcoming events and projects, please click here.

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