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Unit 15 is a creation space With a collective, community focussed approach

create ~ collaborate ~ Inspire

Run by the circus community for the circus community, Unit 15 is primarily a space for professional circus artists to train amongst peers.


Our multi-faceted warehouse is suitable for a wide array of disciplines; with high ceilings, multiple rigging points throughout, large floor space with dance flooring and mats provided, climbing wall, separate warm up room and more, we can accommodate most needs. 


The high ceilings are what makes Unit 15 unique in Bristol - with a 7.72m eaves height and an 8.5m apex height, the space is ideal for training aerial practices such as Cloud Swing and Swinging Trapeze. 


Aside from professional training, we host 1-1 teaching sessions, private hires (R&Ds, rehearsals, film shoots, auditions), professional workshops and occasionally work-in-progress showings. We have hosted everything from inflatable aliens, to musicians, to photographers to our fellow circus performers.


Home to The Invisible Circus, we understand what it is performers need and provide a space that can allow creativity to flow: create, collaborate, inspire. Find out how you can support Unit 15 here.




Download an Overview Document about Unit 15 by clicking here.

Access Information

What3Words Location: factories.forget.dart.

The main training space at Unit 15 is accessible for wheelchair users, using the vehicle gate entrance into the yard and using either the fire door or the large shutter doors to enter the main space; all are on the same front side of the building. The indoor training space and warm up room are all on one ground floor level.


Unfortunately, our toilets are not currently accessible as they do not meet the necessary standards (in terms of door width and cubicle size, and there is a slight step up to the toilet itself).


For private hires and events, we can hire in accessible toilets. And in the longer term we are working on installing permanent accessible toilets.


If you are coming along to the space for professional member training, once registered and inducted, we can ensure the accessible doorways are open for your arrival. If you are planning on training at Unit 15, we can talk more upon sign up to support your needs.


We have been working to make the space more accessible, both through the information we share and in the infrastructure in the space. We are always open to feedback and here to talk so that we can best support your needs, to make the space comfortable, safe, and useful for you.

Take a look at the space

Meet the team

Anna-May Richards
Company Administrator

Rich Wright
Centre Manager

Becky Boucherat
Project & Development Manager

Wim Penhaul
Technical Director

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