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Fairytale of Bristol

Christmas... with a twist!

Are you ready to blow your team away with an office Christmas party like no other?


The Invisible Circus presents: The Fairytale of Bristol


It was Christmas Eve babe! A long way from home, and not all is well and merry in the festive underworld… double deals and dirty tricks abound around this Yuletide season. Word is that the Big Boss Santarini suspects a rat within his operation and he needs your help to sniff ‘em out before they lead a trail of mince pie crumbs straight to the cops!

To find out how this story unfolds you’ll need to step inside Bristol’s most underground den – a subterranean speakeasy where the booze is chilled and the music’s hot. While the mystery is solved you’ll spend your night feasting with mobsters and molls, be dazzled by performers swinging from the chandeliers and who knows…if you’ve been a good little helper, by the end of the night, Santorini might even take you off his naughty list!



– Bubbly on arrival

– 3 course banquet dining

– Immersive theatrical performance

– Spectacular circus acts

– Live DJ, deca-dancing and a LOT of fun…!

Suitable for teams large and small, bookings can be made for a minimum of 6 people, up to a whole tunnel (60-72 people), or even the whole 200 capacity venue!

Prices from £70pp (inc. 3 course meal and welcome drink)

6 Nights Only:

Thursday 1st December

Friday 2nd December

Thursday 8th December 

Friday 9th December 

Thursday 15th December

Friday 16th December (Sold Out!)

Limited availability, with tickets selling fast. Don’t miss out on a true Bristol spectacular!

To download the event brochure, click here.

To request the brochure to be sent by email, or to book, email us:

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